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Why Things Are Hidden

Last week I met with a new group of people I want to work with. Nothing came of it, and in fact the line went cold, which seemed very strange. Today, I found out that I had been addressing this group by the wrong business name the entire time and did not know it!!! How embarrassing!! Why do these things happen? And why did I only find out today, a whole week later?

First of all, remember, the universe always has your back! If there was a clear connection to go forward it would have clicked from the start. When you are not meant to do certain things, or follow paths in directions that may take you off on tangents, the universe steps and in makes little things happen to keep you from heading in the wrong direction. It may seem like you are stuck because things are moving forward, but in reality may only be stationary for a short while until you reassess, and recalibrate how to go forward into a path of alignment.

After that moment of clarity - when all things that were once hidden are now exposed - you are ready to go forward. In most cases it's the next thing that you try that gets you connected with the right people at the right time. The universe was just waiting for you to look in the right direction.

Next time this happens to you, don't sweat it! Say thank you to the universe for keeping you on track and keep moving forward. What you are looking for is just around the corner!

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