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Always Add Extra Protection In August!

There is much heightened spirit activity in late summer every year due to the veils between the worlds being open during this time. While it is always important to protect yourself energetically from unseen things around you that could cause you harm, it is especially important at this time of the year.

Psychic protection is simple! It should be done once in the morning when you wake up, and again before you go to sleep every night. You can also do it again whenever you feel the need for more protection.

How It Works:

-Visualize yourself completely covered in a beautiful ball of golden light. You can also add in any other colours that make you feel strong. Set the intention that only love and light can enter this bubble.

-Dress yourself in an energetic suit of armour that covers you completely from head to toe.

-Visualize yourself carrying a protective tool in your dominant hand.

-Call in any angels or spirit helpers for extra protection, especially Archangel Michael, who banishes all kinds of negative energy instantly.

-Trust that you are protected. Reinforce the strength by feeling it all around you and feeling strong.

*An important aspect of protection is that it is not done in fear. It is done to reinforce protective energy, just like wearing a raincoat to protect you from the rain. Stay positive, keep positive thoughts in your mind, surround yourself with good people that bring you up and keep you empowered. These are subtle aspects of energetic protection that can affect you at a core level as well.

Negative energy likes to pick on people that are low energy, sad, confused, angry, and unprotected. The spirits that roam will attached themselves to these people first, and pass right by your protection bubble and suit of armour completely!

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