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Time To Let It All Go

There are times when it's important to bring things to an end, let them go and move on. This is the energy of the month of October.

Did you know before the Christian Church changed the calendar, that the old Pagan calendars marked October as the last month of the year and November as the first month? Pagan calendars mark the energetic events of the year, and as such, they identify October as a time for harvest, giving thanks, and focusing on all of the good things that came into everyone's lives during the year. October 31st, being the last energetic day of the year has the pivoting energy of change behind it, and so the veils between the worlds are also the thinnest during this 24 hour period.

In the month of October it is important to tie up loose ends, prepare to finish projects and bring old things that no longer serve you to an end. This allows you to free up space in your life for the new beginnings that November brings! When you set goals along with the energy patterns of the year, everything flows more easily and you'll find that you have to put less effort into making things happen. Instead you can focus on intentions and let the universe bring them to you!

What do you need to let go of? What is no longer serving your highest good? There is still time to make some changes before the energy changes over, allowing you to be in alignment with the shifting energies of the year!!

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