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What Lies Hidden

It is so important right now to pay special attention to things that come to light and need your attention! When something comes into your awareness it is there because it is the right time to be balanced.

As the light is constantly expanding and increasing its intensity, its consciousness will reveal things in your life that are of low vibration. When this comes into your awareness it is imperative to take action to either correct it and work to heal it, or to stand up to it, or even let it go. Please do not do nothing about it. When no action is taken, it builds up negative energy in your light field, and creates obstacles. As more light shines upon it, the more intense it will get. Clear it out right away!

You will notice how much lighter you feel each time you deal with the layers of heaviness. It is very freeing and helps you to expand your vibration! A simple way to heal and raise your vibration at the same time, each and every day!

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