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In 2000, I went through a traumatic event that completely tore my world apart. The only way through it was to accept my spiritual gifts and use them to help others. It took six years of healing, literally walking though heaven and hell to piece myself back together. Going through a process of spiritual awakening is not easy. Life will completely disassemble all that you know and build you together again in a stronger, more empowering way, helping you to discover your divine self.

I've been successfully coaching clients since 2006 in their self-growth and spiritual empowerment. I know how to get through it because I've lived it. If you are feeling overwhelmed by this process, I can introduce clarity and healing on every step of the journey. I teach systems and techniques to better manage the process and lay a strong spiritual foundation as you begin to become aware and embrace your divine self.


Carrieanne began learning Metaphysics as a young child with a gift to see and direct energy. She acquired Mastery in Usui and Karuna Reiki in 2002, and trained in all levels of Remote Viewing from 2003 - 2006. She graduated from the Nancy Santo Pietro BTB Feng Shui Consultant Training Program in 2006 as well as the H.H Grandmaster Linn BTB Feng Shui Consultant Certification Program in 2018. 

Carrieanne has a Diploma in Broadcasting, a Bachelor of Arts in Ancient History, a Master’s Degree in Metaphysical Theology and is a practicing Acupuncturist and Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Carrieanne teaches the art of intuition -how to read and direct energy to empower individuals with the tools of inner guidance. She is the creator and founder of the Master Your Mind™ program and is the author of an award winning autobiography titled: Enlightenment: One Woman’s Journey As An Extra-Sensory Human (2009). Her latest book is titled: Illumination: Spiritual Emergence and the Evolution of the Soul (2012).

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