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Starting Over! Energy Forecast August 25 - 31.

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

We come to the end of the summer with a new moon in Virgo this week on August 30. Virgo energy is all about de-cluttering, detoxifying and getting your life in order. Surely you are on the right track already if you've taken on the challenge to let go of 27 things from your life. It's refreshing and feels good to release old things. It opens your mind to creative insights of how to start anew and creates a space in your life for universal energy to do its magic!

Time to set goals and get organized for new things you are planning for in the fall! What do you want to acheive in the next two months? Write it down so that you are comitting to it, place it on the fridge or the bathroom mirror - somewhere you will see it all of the time. And start walking towards your goal in little baby steps - each day getting closer to making it a part of your life!

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