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Full Wolf Moon! Energy Forecast January 5-11

The energy of the last 12 years is finally winding down. There is a myth that the tail of the animal for each year makes a swift swish in the last month of its year to bring the energy to a close. We are lucky that the pig has a short tail!!! Think of the energy as being taught as if were on the end of a short leash. It could cause some tension here and there.

The coming full moon in Cancer on January 10 is also an eclipse! This Wolf Moon is all about connecting with your heart, home and family. You may feel the need to speak up or change direction and that is okay. Trust your heart. If you still have outstanding issues to deal with from the past year, it is time to let them go, or they will cause more trouble for you into the next year. In short, the time is now. Information that was previously hidden may also be revealed, or you may feel the need to share something you know to help others.

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