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Groundhog Day. Energy forecast December 29- January 4

Remember the movie Groundhog Day? Bill Murray in an endless loop of repetition until he learned that he was in control of his life and had the ability to change the outcome? Do you remember the secret of how he did it?

We begin the next cycle of 12 years of energy with the Metal Rat at the end of January, but until we get close enough to see the secret of what we have to do, it is important to learn from the last 12 years. Review your life and look for the pattern, uncover the similar themes and lessons that you learned. They are coming to an end and you have gained much knowledge that you will be sharing with others as you go forward.

Legend has it that each year as the animals reign is coming to an end, it gives a shake of its tail in January to remind us of the lessons it came to teach. 2019 year of the Pig was difficult because it had so many loose ends to tie up from the last 12 years to bring it to completion. Pigs have a tiny tail, so thankfully the reminder at the end of the year will be small, but will arrive in such a way as to bring a tidy ending to all old things that no longer support you on your journey.

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