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Gemini Full Moon - Energy Forecast December 8-14

Woohoo! No Mercury Retrograde over the holidays this year! The added bonus is the Gemini full moon this week on December 12. This is the last ditch effort from the universe to support you in letting things go. With so much clearing work done this year already you must be thinking how could there possibly be more?

The universe always has your back, and its saying this time its personal! Dig deep within and identify what is left to let go of within yourself. You should recognize it right away, because its the one thing you've been avoiding all year (and probably hoping you didn't have to deal with!). It's time to step up to the plate and call it. Pick up that lead weight and lovingly release it! Everything will be okay by the way, and the resulting shift will propel you forward very quickly.

The biggest benefit from all of the clearing is the sense of sheer joy and lightness it brings - just in time for the holiday season!! Have fun with it!!

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