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Embrace Change Often

Do you want to know a little secret? You can activate your intuitive senses by changing your environment. Use this tip as a "jump start" or a "boost" for when you feel like you are having trouble accessing intuition, or you may feel blocked or stagnant. Three quick ways are:

1) Go for a walk in nature that you have never been to before.

2) Change your everyday - try a different grocery store, coffee shop or eatery than the one you always go to.

3) Eat different foods.

Sounds too simple? This secret works extremely well because in new environments your senses are naturally heightened. Take your time and slowly focus on everything in your new place, how it feels, smells, sounds, and if you would come back again. If not ask yourself why? You are getting intuitive hunches on the energy that the place is giving off.

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