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Count Your Blessings! Energy Forecast September 22-28.

Ooohhhh can you feel it? The new moon arrives on Saturday, September 28!! You have a lot of work to do this week before it arrives.

1) Count Your Blessings - Actually make a list of all the awesome things that have happened to you this month and review how much you have acheived. No matter how big or small it deserves to be celebrated!

2) Set Some New Goals - The new moon is all about setting goals and having the energy of growth behind you supporting your plans. Three is always the ideal number: one small, one medium and one large goal. Make sure you write them down and say them out loud on the 28th to declare your plans to the universe!

3) Get To Work - Try one thing this week that is outside of your comfort zone. Maybe its applying for that ideal job, or booking the trip you've been meaning to take for months, or even putting your place up for sale and setting the energy of moving into motion.

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