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Change Of Direction! Energy Forecast November 17-23

By this point you should have noticed opportunities to move forward in a new life direction. Universal energy is always moving us closer to our purpose and in this last part of the year many things will be reshuffled and reorganized to set this new plan into play.

If you haven't noticed anything yet, don't worry - it's on the way! You can give the energy a little push by shuffling things up on your own. For the next month do completely different things from your normal routine: shop at a different grocery store and gas station, get your morning coffee from a place you haven't tried before, etc. This will set things in motion quite quickly!!

Change is fun - especially at this moment in time!! We are moving into the energy of an amazing year for everyone, with lots of magic sprinkled in along the way. All you have to do is say Yes! when the opportunities are presented to you!

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