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Celebrating The Sun At Solstice

Today marks the celebration of the sun's light. Energies are at their yearly peak over the next 72 hours, and much healing can occur within this window if you also take a moment to remember there are two aspects to the Solstice:

1) There is a sun outside of us

2) There is also a sun within us

As you spend this time in awe of the beautiful sunrises and sunsets and the warm weather, let the sun's light heal you by enjoying its gifts of light and joy. And remember there is a light within you that has the potential to shine just as bright. It is the light that you spark with every laugh, every smile, every kindness and every act of love and compassion. It is a light that is constantly growing throughout your lifetime as your soul evolves into its highest possible emanation.

When the darkness within you rises, allow it to release and let it go. And at that moment allow even more light to enter that space, until eventually you will also become as bright as the sun.

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