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Another Cycle Ends! Energy Forecast September 29 - October 5.

Updated: Sep 29, 2019

Pluto Retrograde is ending. Until October 3rd the energy around you will be releasing old patterns and obstacles that have been holding you back since April 24 based on the following patterns:

A Journey Of Deep Soul Searching

Who am I? What am I here to do? Your soul wants to align itself with a new path that is in alignment with the truth of who you are. Over the last 5 months you may have been feeling pulled in new directions that you had not thought of before. Trust this process.

Power vs. Control

Which one is more important to you? When you have power you can choose. When you have control you have wisdom. You have been wobbling between the two lately, and your path is about to align with one or the other.

Unresolved Past Karma

Your karma is the reason why you are here - the lessons you are here to learn and heal from through interactions with others. As you evolve to higher levels of awareness you naturally end personal karmic cycles. Much energetic garbage you've been holding on to has been released over the past few months and will continue to release until the end of the year.

The most powerful way to live your life is to love who you are and what you do and spread that energy around to all of those people in your circle. In this state, your life will naturally align to allow you to access all of the places that you are meant to be in.

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