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All Hallow's Eve. Energy Forecast October 27 - November 2

We start the week with the new moon on October 28th and move right into Halloween on the 31st. The veils between the worlds are at their thinnest during October 30 to November 2nd, allowing souls to visit our world for a very short time.

Traditionally pumpkins were carved with scary faces to ward off evil spirits - guords in general are known to have the ability to contain the energy of ghosts, and the color orange along with black is the energetic color combination for caution. People would wear costumes beginning at sunset, so that the ghosts and goblins that are roaming around would mistake them for one of their own and not bother anyone. Candy was given out to appease the spirits - for everyone knows of their love of sweets.

Extra protection is needed at this time, but also plan to celebrate the special energy and have fun with it! And remember dressing up is a form of protection at this time! Happy Halloween!!

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