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I first met Carrieanne almost 9 years ago. Through Carrieanne's compassion, teachings and knowledge, guidance and help, I have grown and evolved. I am also healing. I have a better balance of life an a deeper understanding and patience for others, and the world we live in. I'm experiencing the growth and harmonizing of one's true self, while coming to learn and experience that all things are possible. I continue to grow in self love and acceptance of myself. Carrieanne has both changed and saved my life.

Jen Hofer - Calgary, Alberta


Carrieanne has remarkable skills and knowledge in Reiki, Matrix Energetics, Remote Viewing, Feng Shui, even Nature's Magic! Over time we played in these realms. When I met her I was looking for a like-minded person to help me expand my spiritual "knowingness". I'd spent my career in the "corporate stew", was burnt out and unhappy, but aware enough to know I wanted a new path. Carrieanne, with her gentle and perceptive way of teaching helped me to understand my ability to notice and clear emotional blocks and over time to discover how to use this gift of the benefit of myself and others.


Linda Shiel -  Calgary, Alberta


Carrieanne is an amazing coach and mentor. Through the years that I have known her she has helped me transform and elevate every aspect of my life: relationships, career, wealth, and success. Her warm hearted nature is matched well with her ability to see the bigger picture and cut through any blocks that stand in your way. I feel blessed to have met Carrieanne and to have benefited from her wisdom and years of experience.

Stephanie Funk - Nanaimo, BC

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