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Remote Viewing Is The Learned Ability To Be Psychic


Everyone has the ability to activate their psychic senses. Coordinate Remote Viewing Training wakes up your dormant senses and allows you to get control of the messages you are receiving with clarity.

History Of Remote Viewing

Physicists Russel Tang and Hal Puthoff created the Remote Viewing Program while working as researchers in parapsychology in the 1970's at the SRI Institute. During that time they found a way to reverse engineer how psychics received their messages, and put the information into a series of protocols used to wake up the subconscious mind and activate the psychic senses. Their work was so successful it was immediately initiated into the U.S. military for programs such as the Stargate Project.

My Story Of Remote Viewing

Although I always had intuitive abilities, I was not able to control them, and found my life to be very unmanageable. After taking 4 years of remote viewing training with David Morehouse (an ex military man who worked on the Stargate program), from 2003-2006, I was able to gain full control over my senses and heightened my abilities. I spent time over the years with many people taking the program that had no intuitive abilities at all when they started, and came out being able to sense things on exceptional levels! This program was so impactful, I had many people asking me to teach it, and began teaching remote viewing in 2008 to private groups. As more people learn remote viewing around the world, we are linking up on a subconscious level, making it much easier and faster to learn now than ever before. CRV Remote Viewing Training can now be completed within 3 days.


The remote viewing training also has a special side effect that many people don't realize - it connects you to your higher self and your life purpose! It continues to be one of the most powerful programs that I teach to people - sharing how to hone the gifts of perception.

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Coordinate Remote Viewing Training May 14,15,16

*All classes are online and recorded

Friday May 14th    4pm-7pm MST / 6pm-9pm EST

History, explanation, learning protocols, practice.

Saturday May 15th 9am-12noon MST / 11am-2pm EST 

Review, continuation of protocols, practice.

Sunday May 16th 9am-12noon MST / 11am-2pm EST


What You Get With The Program:

*9 hours of remote viewing training.

*Signed copy of "Enlightenment: One Woman's Journey As An Extrasensory Human", my experience of remote viewing and how it changed my life.

*Learn how to remote view your life purpose.

*Certificate Of Completion.

*Includes 6 practice targets.

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Prefer To Dive Deep Into The VIP Remote Viewing Training? 


Boost The Regular Program With:

*60 minute one on one session with me to fine tune your abilities.

*My book "Illumination: Spiritual Emergence and the Evolution of the Soul".

*30 practice targets.

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