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Expand Your Knowledge Of Energy!

2022 Spring Series Of Online Classes
*All Classes $45 Each. *Meetings Online With Zoom

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2022 Feng Shui Forecast
Sunday, January 23rd, 10am MST

Find out what the Year Of The Tiger holds in store for YOU! Each person who attends will get a 5 minute reading specific to their zodiac animal, as well as a written forecast.

How To Read Chinese Horoscopes
Sunday, February 13, 9am MST

Learning how to recognize and read the repeating energy behind each year and person will take your understanding of energy to the next level!

Learning To Read The Energy Of The Seasons
Sunday, March 15th, 9am MST

Understanding the seasonal flow of cyclic energies is important in advanced manifestation work! Learn how to read timelines,  recognize manifestation windows and feel the energy of the year before it arrives so you can align your energy to maximize flow.

How To Read Runes
Sunday, April 10th, 9am MST

Runes are sets of magical symbols that predate the alphabet. Learn the meaning behind each letter of the Elder Futhark and how these energetic symbols manifest energy into this world.

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