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Spiritual Life Coach Training

Course Outline


Through all levels of Reiki Training up to the Master Level, you will go through a healing process and learn to let go of any obstacles that need to be addressed and corrected before going forward to help others. How to use your Reiki training to keep your energy clear and grounded while working with others.


Guiding a client spiritually means learning to be able to read all of the signs. This section deals with Protection, Boundaries, Numerology, Symbology, Auras, Synchronicity and Coincidence, How to communicate with Animal Spirits, Angels and Spirit Guides.


How to read someone's energy and see their path and then gently guide them toward it. Understanding the Hero's Journey - stages of awakening and how to assist your client at each stage. How to help your client break through blocks and obstacles. How to empower your client so that they can stand on their own.

Next session starting Saturday September 14. 12 week program.