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Working With Eclipse Energy

The lunar eclipse on May 26th brings transformation and alignment with your life purpose! Think of this energy as a divine hand of the universe shifting and reorganizing everything at play to get you on track. And if you know you are living your purpose already, get ready to streamline your work. Everyone is a specialist in their own way with specific gifts that only they can offer to others, and the energy is serious about getting focused to make you a stronger version of who you are.

During this time it's important to let the energy flow easily, even though you may be experiencing obstacles. Remember the effects of a lunar eclipse don't last just one day, you may have been feeling this change for a couple of weeks now, and will be digesting the changes a few weeks out on the other side.

There is also a bit of magic behind an eclipse to allow you to manifest what you desire. Your hearts wishes are always aligned with your life purpose: they are the beacons that keep pulling you in the right direction. Dream. Dream big. And keep working towards a bigger plan of bringing your dreams closer to you. The universe is supporting you at this time and can give you an energetic leg up in many ways!

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