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What Is A Lightworker?

Lightworkers are individuals who are aware of their natural gifts and use them to help others.

I remember starting my journey 21 years ago when I first learned Reiki. During my first lesson my Reiki Master explained that I was a Lightworker and this was the first stage of my journey. I had no idea what she meant, because at that time the phrase was new to me, but she was right!!!

The universe has a beautiful plan. Before coming to Earth the Lightworkers volunteer to teach and guide and become beacons of light spread all over the planet, to help to bring awareness and empowerment with their specialized knowledge.

The gifts these unique people possess are often in the healing field such as Reiki healers, massage therapists, nurses and doctors, but not limited to that. People who are specialists in their field, who dedicate their work to helping others, can span all types of areas from the financial industry to real estate, lawyers, caregivers and beyond.

How do you recognize these people? They have a warm, loving energy about them. Their eyes shine with light, and they have big smiles on their faces. Always going out of their way to help where they can in the moment, they work tirelessly to share their vast amount of knowledge to support people on their journey.

All Lightworkers need to go through the process of spiritual awakening to remember who they are. It does take a bit of time and training, but once they embrace their gifts fully they are forces of light that are unstoppable!! These individuals are often quiet, and spend much time in solitude working on their gifts. They do tend to connect to small like-minded groups for their own support, and are always learning new ways to expand on strengthening their abilities.

Are you a Lightworker? If you are drawn to read this post, the answer is yes. If you are just beginning, not sure how to start and want to know how to go forward, feel free to contact me through my website at

Xo Carrieanne

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