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What Does Levelling Up Really Mean?

Once in a while an energy window opens up with light and promise to help boost you up to another level. From now until May 18th you have this rare opportunity to advance quickly as the universal energy supports everyone in moving towards their life purpose. This appears very differently for everyone, depending on where they find themselves in life at that moment.

-If you are trying to leave a toxic relationship, this is a powerful time to help give you the courage, the strength and the follow through to make it happen.

-If you are looking for work, blast out as many resumes as possible, there is a job coming!

-If you are not healthy, this will be your chance to gain some ground and start feeling better, or get to a new level of health you haven't experienced in a long time.

If you are aware of what you need to do, take action and work on it now! You must take action to activate the energy! If you are feeling stuck and not sure what to do, focus on gratitude for what you have already. This will raise your vibration to match the energy window, and the universe will bring you exactly what you need to move you out of the funk.

And during this time don't forget to focus on the most important thing - have fun!

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