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So many of my clients complain of not feeling that they can trust the information that comes to them. Whether it be an aha moment of intuition, an angel message, or perhaps synchronicity tapping you on the shoulder, these tips will help you to trust the information you are receiving.

1) Don't judge.

The information you are receiving is just that - information. Do not try to analyze or decipher how it applies to your life. Often intuitive information comes in advance of an event actually happening. Keep a journal for the information you receive and write it down. Review it at the end of the day.

2) Allow.

Allow your mind to wander. Day dream. Be silly and creative. The intuitive part of your mind loves this and by accessing this right brain area, you will be feeding intuition and helping to make the information that comes to you much stronger.

3) Trust.

The more you trust, the stronger your intuition will become. Trust that there is a reason that you are getting certain information and don't stress if you don't understand it. The meaning will come to you during every day events.

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