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The Significance Of Letting Things Go

Yesterday I discovered a big hole in my favorite shirt. My first thought was that it had to go. Why? Because it is falling apart, it means my energy stamp that is embedded within that shirt is falling away, not able to keep things together. Once I remembered this, I said thank you to my shirt, took in a deep breath and sighed - time for all of that old energy to go!! (Finally!!)

You see as much as I love this shirt, I bought it when I was going through a very difficult time. When I think back to all of the times that I wore it, I was also going through all kinds of obstacles and situations of lowered energy. I was wearing it as insulation to protect me from what was going on around me. The act of letting go of this shirt releases me from all of those past situations embedded within it, literally years of energy patterns. It also makes a statement to the universe that I'm over the past and ready for new experiences. I've recently been working very hard to raise my energy and vibration to a whole new level and this is a sign that I'm ready for the next step!

Do you have any items like this? Any thing that is broken, has holes or looks shabby is nothing but your past staring at you. I bought a new shirt today, one with lots of colour that I completely love. It represents the higher vibration I'm now in. And I lovingly let the old one with holes go.

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