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The Joy Of Life

Caught in the middle of managing life every day can keep you focused on the smaller picture. Don't forget that there is always a larger picture that knits the small moments together. When you take time to enjoy your day and soak in all of the best things it has to offer, you are knitting the small moments together with joy, love and happiness, and that is the underlying foundation of your day, soaking into the very fabric of your being.

Stressed? Having trouble finding joy at the moment? Take a deep breath, and add small things into your daily routine that make you happy and feed your soul. It's easy to do, for example you can bring your favourite coffee mug to work, meet a friend at lunch, or go walk outside in the sunshine.

Joy brings a feeling of happiness and fulfillment - gratitude and appreciation. These are the core values for a life well lived. Adding in these powerful pieces to your puzzle will make every day better than the one before.

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