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The Great Galactic Awakening

Remember December 21, 2012 being touted as the end of time? Well that is exactly what it was! It was the end of the Age of Pisces, a 24,000 year cycle in time. The lessons of Age of Pisces were about hard work, toil, suffering and fighting. The new cycle is the Age of Aquarius, which will be fully activated this year on December 21, and the beginning of a whole new 24,000 year cycle. The new Age of Aquarius energy has love, peace, and harmony as its theme.

This December 21, 2020 is also another very important milestone: it's when we astrologically reach our galactic center, or the heart of the universe. This will energetically activate the heartspace of all things during the Aquarian Age. The amount of light coming into the Earth's atmosphere at this time is greater than any other point of time in our known history. It will be important to raise your vibration and become as light-filled as you can to align yourself with these energies.

The darkness is falling away as more light continues to embrace every part of our lives: mentally, emotionally and physically. As we make the shift into this new energy, the darkness will fight to survive, and it will make the transition chaotic and uncomfortable. You'll be able to recognize as the darkness begins to be eliminated from our world as people stand together in unity, peace becomes the primary objective and love rules the energy of every moment of every day. It is already here! You may notice it in pockets of awesomeness here and there. We all have a role to play to contribute. Spread your light and help to usher it in.

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