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The Beginning of the End - Weekly Forecast August 11-17

Today three major celestial events are happening that are setting up the energy for a huge shift:

Mercury Enters Leo: Leo inspires the heart and soul, and yearns to make dreams possible.

Jupiter Goes Direct: Jupiter is all about expansion, growth, and new opportunities.

Uranus Turns Retrograde: Allowing you to release whatever is holding you back.

We are truly in the beginning phase of a major ending of many cycles. By January of next year your life will look very different from the way it is right now. When you have the advantage of knowing about shifts ahead of time you can prepare yourself to allow the changing energies to flow with you instead of fighting against them. This week the most important thing to know is that it's time to let go of things that no longer serve you. Take a long honest look at your life and start tallying up what items need to get donated or thrown out, which relationships need to be dissolved and create space for the new energy to flow in. Make sure you act on this and get it completed by the end of this week. There's more to the story - that I will reveal next week!

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