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Taking Off Layers! Energy Forecast December 1-7

Just when you thought the energy of this year was behind you, a few left overs will come back to visit in the next few weeks to check in and see if you are really done with them. Be strong in your commitment to go forward, and don't let anything lead you astray.

These little teasers are often hidden as old relationships, work, or behavioural patterns that have been intentionally let go, and it should come as a surprise to you as they come back into your life for one last kick at the can to get your attention.

There are so many tests in life. At the end of a major 12 year cycle you will always be shown things to remember the past to find out if you are really ready for the next level of life. There truly is no right or wrong choice, do what feels right. However, be aware if you are allowing something back in right now, it will be around for several years or possibly for the duration of the next 12 year cycle. Don't keep excess layers of baggage. It's best to let them go and freely walk forward into the new phase of your life.

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