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Take A Break

Sometimes you need a change of pace and scenery to remind you about what you are here to do.

Obstacles can nab your energy and steal it away in no time. Getting through the obstacles become an obsession and its just like the movie Groundhog Day - each day repeats over and over in an unsatisfactory way leading to low levels of confidence, self-esteem and hope. What you need is a break my friend! "What?" You say? "Impossible?" Actually it will do you more good than you realize at this point. Getting a change to remove yourself from the thick of your problems allows freer thinking, making space for the mind to think up new solutions it had not entertained before.

How long do you need to get away? Honestly, only a day long trek will do in a pinch to clear your head, but make sure you travel outside of your home boundaries. Really get away. Shut off your phone, be out in nature, spend time alone. I like to hike in the mountains or walk by a river to clear my head with a hot cup of coffee. It's the simple things that can bring you back to basics to remind you that life is not so bad after all.

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