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Spontaneity - Going With The Flow

How long have you been following a certain pattern, doing things in a very comfortably designed order? Changing things up often helps energy to shift and flow, and brings welcome breaks to the mundane aspects of life.

Its important to stay flexible and whenever possible say yes to new things, or small tangents that bring a delicious new way of seeing the world. When we get comfortable in routines it slows down energy and makes it difficult to flow, making it easy to get stuck or become blocked. Energy does not follow a straight line, straight path, or straight way of doing things. Energy likes to flow, meander and move in and around all things and for maximum benefits in life so should you.

Try it! Be open and spontaneous. The next time you get the urge to try something new, or someone suggests a day trip into freedom, say yes! You never know where that road will lead you, and I guarantee you will have fun along the way!

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