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Ramping Up To The Fifth Dimension

This is a very important time in our own personal evolution. In the past year everyone has become very aware of what it means to be in the third dimension - one of fear and ego, polarity and fighting. Most of us have left this energy already. If you are still feeling a little bit of it hanging on, now is your time to completely break free of it.

On June 10th the solar eclipse put light on the things we have not finished dealing with. You know what they are. Do what you can to leave them behind. Let them go completely if possible. This should not be new to you at all, but old stuff that has been lingering that you have been dealing with for a long time. This heavy third dimensional energy will seem hard to let go of, but it has to be done. The good news is that the universe also wants you to let it go and is trying to help.

The Summer Solstice is coming in on June 20th, bringing in lots of supportive light to all of your endeavours. The energy is already active five days before and will stay active until five days after the actual day of the event on the 20th. This energy will boost all of your efforts in letting go of the old third dimensional energy. Use this time to set a goal and work towards it. You may not accomplish it in the exact time frame of the Summer Solstice, however even setting a goal to overcome it at this time will work in your favour and carry you forward onto the fifth dimensional side.

Remember that the universe is working in your favour and wants you to become stronger and gain power over the old energy, completely releasing it and moving onto a new track into the fifth dimension! Use this time to your advantage to finally be free of it forever!

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