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Testing, Testing....

There will be many tests in the next 3 months before the old cycle of 12 years in the Chinese zodiac comes to an end and the new cycle takes over.

One of these tests is with old relationships. For example, in the past month I've had 3 old friends contact me - they are not in my life anymore, but for some reason they felt the need to reconnect. Our relationships came apart naturally, just a result of everyone moving on to their next phase of learning. When old things come back into your life (and especially when it happens at the end of a major phase of an energy shift), it is extremely important to be aware of who you spend your time and energy with, because they will carry forward into your next 12 years! My old friends are good people, but we don't have anything in common anymore. It is time for everyone to move on.

I have clear boundaries and I'm aware of who I am and what I want. I want to move forward with new energy and not bring my past with me. I hope you choose to do the same. Bring the gems with you and let the old energy go on its way down a different road.

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