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I am what I am.....

We are all so different, and have our own special gifts to share!

The important thing is to recognize what those gifts are, work on enhancing them and making them stronger. Don't know what your gifts are yet? Think back to your childhood and what you loved to do then. It has always been within you, it just gets stuffed down a little when having to navigate life gets in the way.

Discovering the lost parts of yourself can be fun! Spend time alone doing things you love - I love hiking and reading and watching silly movies. These things charge me up and make me feel great, which allows a closer connection to my heart and the messages that lie within it.

Acceptance for what you find is very important. It's not usually a surprise for individuals on this journey - often they remark that they knew that part about them all of the time, they just didn't think it was special. And that is the key! EVERY part of you is special and unique and is telling you the story of who you are.

You just need to take the time to listen.

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