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How To Unload The Heaviness

Life is not easy.

How are you supposed to stay so upright and positive when things have got you down?

First of all, know that it's normal for everyone to experience real lows from time to time. It happens when you don't feel your emotions in the moment and choose to stuff them inside. Every time you ignore your emotions you create a small layer of heaviness in your body. It may not seem like much in the moment, but guess what? Layer upon layer builds up until you are feeling really low and sludgy and stuck and yucky. It gets hard to smile, you don't feel like eating, you want to sleep more and you lose interest in things that you used to love.

Are you there right now? If so the best thing to do is look into your life and see where you are unhappy. Now feel it out - express the emotion. Get mad, sad, scream, yell and release the emotions that are pent up. This may take a bit of time. Give yourself a week to really release everything. Sometimes you will be angry for seemingly no reason, and cry other times for no reason. Don't judge what comes out, just allow it to leave your body. After the week is over then ask yourself 'What comes next?'. How are you going to move forward into a new life?

Start by setting new goals to create a new path ahead filled with the things that you love. Bring the joy back in. Have fun, laugh, smile. Try new things. You have left the baggage of the old life behind you. Now focus on a new life that is bigger and better than you had before. It is possible. And it starts with you.

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