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Full Moon Fever! Energy Forecast October 13-19

The Hunter's Moon is one of abundance and harmony, which is very much reflected in the celebration of Thanksgiving this weekend in Canada. There is so much to be thankful for, especially at this time of year when the energy is surging to highs, pushing every soul onward to evolve more consciously and become their truest self.

This wonderful energy continues to flourish all week long. Make the most of it by sharing your smile and positive energy to all those people that you interact with. We are still in the middle of a major shift of energy with the 12 year cycle ending and getting ready to birth many new beginnings. As a result many people in your life at this moment will not move on with you to the next phase of your evolution because they will also need to grow in their own way. Enjoy them while you have them around, and celebrate all of the awesomeness that they have shared in your life, by giving your best in return!

(photo courtesy of Shutterstock)

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