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Full Moon Bounce

What a time we are experiencing right now!!!! The full moons for the next 3 months - September, October and November are the most powerful for the next 12 years!!!! Why? We are ending a great 12 year cycle this year, and when you are aware of an ending you can use the energy to plant seeds to grow your new start even before the new energy comes in next year!!!!

January 2020 begins a whole new 12 year cycle. And whatever you are doing in the last 6 months up to the shift of energy will dictate how the energy will flow in your life for the next 12 years. Take this chance to step up and make your dreams a reality!!!

What do you really need? It is so important to get clear. Write down your goals and review them on both the New Moon and the Full Moons for the next 3 months. Taking action in little bits everyday to bring life into those goals is also a very important part of making it happen. Watch the synchronicities start to happen!

Full Moon Dates: September 14, October 13, November 12.

New Moon Dates: September 28, October 28, November 26.

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