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Freedom! Energy Forecast November 24-30

The Sagittarius New Moon on the 26th aligns amongst some chaotic energy as Mars and Uranus oppose each other, fighting for the limelight. This gives you an amazing opportunity to break free of people or situations that may be holding you back. It will also challenge you to move out of your comfort zone and exercise some boundaries. Say no when you need to, but also go the extra mile when you feel close to a breakthrough.

Remember, the new moon times are best for planting seeds, setting goals and getting organized with a plan. You don't have to overhaul your life, something simple is all that is needed. Choose one goal or desire to work on and set your intentions free into the universe.

When pockets of intense energy appear like this, don't let it get you overwhelmed. Take breaks often, and make sleep, fresh air and fresh food a priority. Keep yourself as strong as you can be so that you are up to the tasks ahead.

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