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Energy Forecast Week Of June 23-29

The recent eclipses, full moon and solstice are still sharing their heightened energy all through this week! Use this powerful time to do the inner work and healing that you have been putting off. Get extra rest, go to the spa, get out in nature and go for a hike, or spend time with your special loved ones. Do what feeds your soul.

The moon is in its waning phase, and as it continues to get smaller throughout the week it allows the perfect opportunity to let things go. It's a great week to go on a diet and lose a few pounds, end unnecessary relationships or commitments and prepare to move on. Clear up the clutter and loose ends in your life. This will be very important to do over the next few months as the energy begins a major shift at the end of October.

For more information on readings related to your own personal energy, and Feng Shui forecast you can schedule a reading below:

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