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Energetic Boundaries

Everything is energy. We've all heard that phrase a thousand times, right? But there is a deeper meaning behind the words that most people don't understand.

Think of energy in this way:

Energy is a rock, energy is a lake, and energy is and extension of you- your hand that you use to throw the rock into the lake. Now what happens?

You mentally plan where to throw the rock - intention

You throw the rock - action

The rock hits the water, making ripples - result (how your thoughts and actions manifest)

Now throw in the boundaries. What? Yes, in the example there were natural boundaries that are taken for granted, because they are not mentioned. The lake shore is the boundary, which makes your eye focus on the target in the water. It is the most important part. Without this boundary you would not know how to set a target for the rock to hit the water.

Boundaries are like this in life. They are invisible, but they must be maintained and brought into awareness because they help you to focus and hit your target.

Where are your boundaries?

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