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Bibbidy Bobbidy Boo! Weekly Forecast August 4-10

Remember how the fairy god mother in Cinderella sang her magical song and turned Cinderella into a princess? This sums up the energies of this week - Simply Magical!!!

Have you been putting off self care? Or perhaps putting off something that you need to let go of that is difficult to deal with? Maybe its having the courage to make a bold life choice to propel you forward. Whatever has been occupying your mind lately, the time is Now!!! Things that may have been difficult for you in the past will be much easier to sort out this week. Take advantage of this energy - it does not come around very often!

Now is the time to make a change. If the fairy god mother could wave her wand for you, what you you ask for? The next step is to take some action and make it happen. No matter how big or small, every step sets the energy in motion towards the completion of your goal and the doors to make it possible will be opening for you!

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