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Beliefs Are Your Boundaries

How open is your mind?

Examine yourself closely. Have you created beliefs that are creating walls, or is your mind open to new things, expanding and changing as you grow? One sure way to tell is by the amount of opportunities that come into your life. When the mind is free and open to learn with beliefs only as a working framework, then the possible is challenged constantly, with many epiphanies on how to go forward and make what was previously thought to be impossible a reality.

Experiences of pain will cause walls of protection to be built in the form of beliefs that have no opening. The doors to possibility become closed because of fear. We all do this, so if you find you have a wall or two, don't be hard on yourself. Recognizing the walls gives you the power to tear them down. All you have to do is open your mind enough to see things in a different way, from a perception that allows you to grow.

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