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Are You Ready?

We've had so many changes in the past year, that it hardly seems like there could be more waiting around the corner....but wait! There is. And it's all good!

The next few years will be a period of intense change: disruptions in every aspect of our lives as the old world that we once knew continues to fall away and give way to the new growth of a promising new future. What does this mean for you?

Everyone is part of the divine, and playing such an important role in the world right now. The most important thing is to follow your heart, do what is best for you to heal, become whole and use your special gifts to help others. This may mean leaving relationships that do not support you, it may mean leaving a job that does not nourish your soul, it may mean moving to a new home. However this transition period unfolds for you, trust that the universe has your back, and is realigning you in the best direction possible for your highest good. It may look a little messy in the beginning, but remember all things are pointing to a better future, and a positive outcome is being created for you.

Looking for more support? There are a wonderful group of Lightworkers gathered in my INNER CIRCLE group. It is a special place to connect with other like-minded individuals going through intense change, and sharing on the journey. You can find more information here:

Xo Carrieanne

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