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Aligning With This Year's Energy

As the energy changes each year, it's important to take some time early on to align your own energy to match it. This will help your life to flow more freely and prevent obstacles from blocking your path.

The first thing to do is find out the character of the Chinese Zodiac Animal that reigns for the year and copy it. For example, this year is White, Metal, Rat. White means purity and protection and spirituality, Metal energy is cool, fluid, calm and very intellectual. Rat energy is swift, cunning, focused and successful by making plans. Get organized and set up a plan for the year around these qualities.

The second thing to do is get outside!!! Nature will filter all of the energy of the year to you by letting the sun shine on your face, walking through high energy areas such as forests and mountains, and by immersing yourself in water.

It's really easy to do, take some time this week to align your energy with the White Metal Rat! You'll be glad you did!

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