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Magical Master Manifestor 3 Week Program

Week One: Getting Back On Track
June 12th 9:30am MST
Clearing Your Personal Clutter​
Aligning The Chakras
Raising Your Vibration
Achieving Zero Point

Advanced Law Of Attraction Methods
Creating A Morning Routine


Week Two: Magic Tricks
June 19th 9:30am MST
Understanding Neutrality
Feng Shui Manifesting Tricks

Law Of Attraction Tricks
Tapping Into Synchronicity 
Calling In Favours From The Universe
How To Properly Let Go
How To Write A Power Affirmation That Works!


Week Three:​ Manifesting Secrets
June 26th 9:30am MST
Activating The Universal Computer
The Water Secrets

Identity Shifting Secret
The Scripting Secret
Quantum Jumping Secret
How To Know When Your Manifestation Is On Its Way Secrets



3 Weeks of Advanced Manifestation Group Training
For $397

Magical Master Manifestor Group Coaching Program
*Plus VIP Personal Session $497

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