• Do you have mental chatter that does not go away?

  • Do you get intuitive hunches, but not sure if you can trust them?

  • Do you see repeating numbers, but don't know what they mean?

  • Are you recognizing synchronicity and coincidence in your life, but don't understand the connections?

  • Do you have vivid dreams, but don't know how to read the messages within them?

  • Learn how to clear the mental chatter for good!

  • Strengthen your intuitive ability and get confident in your messages!

  • Understand the meaning of numbers, colours, and symbols!

  • Read the meaning in chance encounters, and synchronistic events!

  • Access your own personal energy dictionary and learn to read the messages in your dreams!

  • Learn how each and every sign is leading you toward your life purpose!


  • 3 coaching sessions 90 minutes long, to teach you everything you need to know about reading energy!

  • Access to free monthly practice group to help strengthen your abilities.

  • Text access for the duration of the program to answer all of your questions!

  • Copies of my books "Enlightenment" and "Illumination"!

  • All for $697.00

*Offer ends Sept 27. Next program start date: October 1st.

Only 2 spots left!!

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